Independent Watkins Consultant Kris McCraw (#399015) presents Watkins - Special Offer
 Independent Watkins Consultant Kris McCraw (#399015) proudly presents the respected home business with J.R. Watkins. 
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August Special Offer!
$30 in Free Products!

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Cool! It's like getting a 100% rebate on your Watkins membership!

Here's a cool little bonus for getting started as a Watkins member today.

Every person who joins Watkins during August 2017 will automatically get a free $30 Gift Certificate from Watkins Corporate. The gift certificate will be postal mailed to you automatically about two or three weeks after you join. You can then apply the free $30 Watkins Gift Certificate to any future order Watkins products. It's that simple.

Getting started with Watkins is just $29.95, which covers your first year of membership plus access to our extensive training website (subsequent years also have an annual membership renewal of just $29.95). Even if your state or province charges a few bucks of sales tax, your total cost is less than $35 to get started.

The only requirement to qualify for this $30 certificate is to join Watkins this month. So, with this $30 Gift Certificate, it's almost like getting a rebate for your entire $29.95 membership. Awesome!

And, Yes... Your Friends Can Get In On This, Too!

Friends cooking with WatkinsYou see, the day after you join, our team sets up a free website for you just like the one you're viewing now. You'll have your own link that you can use to send people to your site. And if they decide the business makes sense for them, too, they can join through your site. They'll be a member of your team and they can get a free $30 Gift Certificate, too (if they join during August 2017).

So, not only can you get $30 in free products for joining. But you can also help other people take advantage of this same offer, too... which helps them as it builds your team (and your future income potential).

Hey, it's fun having other people tag along with you on your journey to earning income with Watkins. And, if people who join your team enjoy using Watkins products themselves, or sell products, or introduce others to the business, it can all add up to more ongoing bonus income for you—month after month after month! It's a true win-win situation in which you can help people you care about at the same time you're helping improve your own finances.

Start Today for the Most Benefit

You'll get the most out of this promotion if you join today. Then, when you get into our training site tomorrow, be sure to review our "Checklist for New Consultants" where you will find your link to your recruiting website (just like this one) so you can share this offer with your friends through facebook or e-mail.

Remember, you'll have full support from your field leaders all along the way. Plus, your Watkins membershp is fully guaranteed—if things don't work out for any reason, a quick call to Watkins Corporate during your first 30 days in the business gets you a full refund.

Important Stuff...

* Hurry! Your enrollment must be fully processed and paid for before 11:59pm Central Time on Thursday, August 31, 2017. But we suggest you use the Join Now button below to get started by noon on that day, so that if you run into problem completing your enrollment online, you can call Watkins to complete your enrollment before the phone lines close at 5:00pm Central Time.

Are you ready to BOOST YOUR INCOME and get the free $30 Gift Certificate? Use the links below to explore our site and join today!

Click here for the Enrollment Form         Click here to Continue the Tour

Questions? Click Here to e-mail a question or to have us call you.

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