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Watkins is a great home-based business

Independent Watkins Consultant
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Congrats on being ready to earn income as a member of the Watkins Home-Based Business. Just submit the basic information below, then follow the instructions to complete your enrollment. Remember, your membership has a full 30-day money-back guarantee, if you determine that the Watkins membership is not right for you for any reason. Okay, let's help you start building your income!

Two Extra Bonus Opportunities: By joining our team during October 2019, you'll automatically get $10.00 off your usual $29.95 Watkins membership free. Plus, you'll be eligible for our New Consultant Action Challenge—in honor of Watkins' 150th year, new members can qualify for up to $150 in free Watkins food products for quickly taking steps that lead to success.

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Enter your first and last name as you want to be known to your leaders and fellow team members. If you want a spouse or business partner to be listed as a co-owner of your business, enter their name here as well. As examples, you could enter "Ginny and Bill Smith" or "Annie Jones and Mike Davis".

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